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John Li

An LCD designer & maker in Shenzhen with 10+ years of experience in this industry already.

Shenzhen, Guangdong
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LCD Module
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LCD Module
7-inch customized 800x480 TFT LCD display interface display panel 7-inch TFT LCD module
About John Li

With a very good sense of service and am good at communication.

I have more than 10 years of experience in supply chain management in the LCD industry. Familiar with the entire LCD industry chain.

Familiar with the upper and middle reaches of the industry. Including upstream materials of glass substrates, color filters, driver ICs, polarizers, liquid crystals, and midstream assembly of power management, control integrated circuits, liquid crystal panels (arrays, boxes, modules), and other industries. Has a very wide range of contacts in the upstream and midstream industry chain of the industry. I am very familiar with the cost structure of common types of LCD products, and I am familiar with the control of the purchase cost of LCD raw materials. Aspiring to devote myself to the LCD industry all my life, I have many years of first-line experience in providing LCD supply management services to several well-known domestic and foreign customers. Always pay attention to new trends and new technologies in the industry, including OLED, which has become a mainstream technology, and technologies such as MiniLED and MircoLED that will develop greatly in the future. Familiar with technical solutions, able to bring added value to customers in terms of R&D and design. 

My Experience
  • VP-Overseas Marketing & Sales in Shenzhen Senvita Technology Co., Ltd.

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