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Wayne Wang

Sales engineer for ethernet switching, such as ethernet switches, PoE switches

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24G + 4 10G Managed PoE switch
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24G + 4 10G Managed PoE switch
L3 Managed. 24G + 4 10G managed PoE ethernet switch
About Wayne Wang

Do you know how to identify the quality of a network switch? Do you know how to select a PoE switch according to a project? Do you know what kind of environment the switch should be placed in to prolong its service life?

If you all know, then we can discuss deeper things, such as how to setup the Rings in the industrial solutions; if you are not sure about the above issues, then please communicate with me, I will objectively screen for you and choose you required product.

I'm Wayne, a professional in the network communications industry for eight years. From being ignorant at the beginning to being skilled in the network industry of exchange, I have experienced a lot and learned a lot during this period.

"Routing & switching", this is a big chapter in network communication, there are many things we need to learn. In the process of continuous development, it is also gradually discovered that the network switch industry closely follows the trend of the times. Big data, cloud, high power, and intelligence are all the world of network communication that we can touch. Intelligent lighting system, clear monitoring system...More and more solutions showing that we are walking in the wave of the times step by step.

I believe that we are all participants and witnesses in this internet age.

My Experience
  • Senior SE in Shenzhen Hi-Net Techonoly Co., Ltd

    Every Electronics in China

    12/2014 - /

  • Bartender supervisor in Felicity Hotel

    Service in China

    12/2008 - 12/2013